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5-Year Ceramic

5-Year Ceramic

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5 Year Ceramic
  • Entire Scrubbing of Your Car's Paint.
  • Full Clay Barring To Remove Contaminants.
  • Full Buffing And Paint Correction.
  • Application of 5 Year Ceramic Coating.
  • Rims 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Get ready to see your vehicle like never before...

If you care about protecting and keeping your vehicle clean, you need to check this out.

Ceramic Coating gives your vehicle extra protection and a shiny look without any hassle.

It's an invisible glass layer that bonds to your paint and keeps dirt, water, and light scratches away.

Our Ceramic Coating packages will:

✅ Restore your vehicle back to showroom condition
✅ Protect your vehicle from UV Rays to prevent fading
✅ Allow you to clean your vehicle’s exterior 2x faster
✅ Repels water, dirt, and mud
✅ Protect against weather damage, corrosion, oxidation, water damage, and more!

All this for 5 YEARS!

Cars - $599

Trucks - $799

Motorcycles - $299

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